EPP MDM 功能和優點

iOS & Android 線上註冊

Over-the-air Enrollment for iOS & Android

 Devices can be remotely enrolled via SMS, E-mail, URL link or QR Code. Pick the most convenient way for your network. 

Mac OS X管理

Mac OS X Management

 To extend the DLP features, Macs can also be enrolled into the MDM module, taking advantage of additional management options. 


Bulk Enrollment

 For an efficient deployment process, up to 500 smartphones and tablets can be enrolled at the same time. 


Password Enforcement

 Proactive protection of company critical data stored on mobile devices by enforcing strong password policies. 


Remote Lock

 Remotely enable instant locking of a mobile device in case of any security incidents. Avoid data leaks due to lost or misplaced devices. 


Remote Wipe

 For critical situations where the only way to avoid data leaks is wiping the device, this can easily be done remotely. 


Track & Locate

 Closely monitor company’s mobile devices and know at all times where your company sensitive data is. 



 Define a virtual perimeter on a geographic area and apply location-based MDM policies. E.g. disable smartphone camera only in the perimeter of your company. Use Geofencing to provide context to your policies and secure devices according to location. 


Disable built-in functionalities

 Control the permission for built-in features such as the camera, avoiding data breaches and loss of sensitive data. 

iOS 限制

iOS Restrictions

 Make sure only business related use is possible. If not compliant to company policy, disable iCloud, Safari, App Store, etc. 


Play Sound to locate lost devices

 Locate a misplaced mobile device by remotely activating a loud ringtone until it is found (only supported for Android). 

推播 Android vCards


 Add and push contacts for Android mobile devices, making sure your mobile workforce can quickly get in touch with the right people. 

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Mobile Application Management


Manage apps accordingly to the organization’s security policies. Instantly push free and paid apps to enrolled mobile devices.  

App Monitoring


Know what apps your employees are downloading on their mobile devices, keeping a discreet line between work and leisure.  

支援 Samsung Knox (App Lock)


Lock the mobile device into specific apps. Remotely enforce security on the mobile fleet and turn them into dedicated devices.  



Ensure that your mobile devices are using their built-in hardware encryption capabilities to safeguard critical business data stored and carried on mobile devices, anywhere in the world.  



For a quick visual overview of the most important events and statistics, graphics and charts are available.

Push Network Settings

Push Network Settings

 Push network settings like E-mail, Wi-Fi and VPN settings or disable them, including Bluetooth, set ringer mode, etc. 


Asset Management

 Gain insight into the mobile device fleet about Device Names, Types, Models, Capacity, OS Versions, Carriers, IMEIs, MACs, etc. 



 Extended Predefined System Alerts are available, as well as the option to set up Custom System Alerts. 


Create E-mail Alerts

 E-mail alerts can be set up to provide information on the most important events related to mobile devices use. 

Secure your mobile iOS and Android devices with Endpoint Protector Mobile Device Management (MDM) and keep a close eye on where devices are going with your sensitive enterprise data.